30 yr old Man Kidnaps and rape a Seven-Year-Old Internally Displaced(IDP) Child.

A young girl (about seven years old), rapped, beaten, and badly bruised by a serial rapist in the SW region of Cameroon, needs your prayers and financial assistance for her recovery.

What happened:

According to reports from a reliable source, the victim and her internally displaced parents live in an abandoned building with doors unable to lock. When mom woke up at 2 am to ensure they used the bathroom, she noticed her daughter missing. The family found the daughter badly beaten, raped, and left for whatever. Hospital reports confirmed that the victim suffered serious fistula damages. The perpetrator is believed to be a serial rapist who’s raped more than 5 children in that neighborhood. We will not reveal the victim or her parents’ identity for many reasons.

Here is what you can do to assist:

JLU spoke with the child’s mother via a gov’t personnel, and they need urgent medical attention(money for hospital bills). The mother also needs financial support to start a small business to change her living condition. In a social crisis, women and children suffer the most. We hope you can assist this family as they deal with the unimaginable. Kindly click on the button to support the victim and her family.

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